Hartrol Plus Hartford Brand Controller

From traditional mobile phone to smart phone, your CNC controller should be changed from traditional controller to intelligent controller as well. Hartrol Plus is a brand new intelligent controller Hartrol, Hartnet and Hartford eletrical function together which developed and made by Hartford. 19" panel uses multi-touch technology for easy navigation and interaction giving your CNC machine the distinctive function of a smart phone or tablet.

Taiwan NO.1

I. The Powerful Functions of Hartrol Plus

The fastest CNC In the world.


Ultra-fast hard Drive max. storage 32GB. Rapid programming Access.

32 G

Convenient Operation with 19” multi-point touch screen.


2700 pcs look ahead blocks maximizes machining efficiency

2700 pcs

Multiple functions enhances up to 20% machining efficiency

20 %

More than 40 value-added APPs

40 pcs

II. Accessories of Hartrol Plus

Save Time & Cost
  • Save cost 20%
  • Multi-touch screen
  • E-book
  • CCD Monitor
  • Remote management
  • Cutting condition calculate
  • Stand-by mode
  • Hartford userconnect
  • Hartford ZDT(Zero downtime)
Increase Productivity
  • Productivity increased 23%
  • AFC(Automatic Feedrate Control)
  • SSS-4G
  • Machining time countdown for single block
  • Optimized machining program
  • HartCAM
  • Automatic measurement (GUI)
Easy Management
  • Efficiency increased 20%
  • Machine utilization management
  • Operator performance management
  • 24 hours a day management
  • Remote management
  • MES system