Hartford’s Commitment

  1. We promise ourselves to produce good machines.
  2. If possible, we earn some money.
  3. If necessary, we lose some money.
  4. In any case, we always deliver
  5. machining center with good quality.

Hartford’s Corporate Principle

  1. We produce machining center only
  2. 100% made in Taiwan
  3. 100% professional managers
  4. 100% marketing by Hartford brand
  5. Technical service industry

Hartford’s Corporate Culture

  1. Our colleagues believe that Hartford people do have a better mission than making money.
  2. Our colleagues believe that when working in Hartford, it is not just a job but with real target.
  3. Our colleagues feel the continuous improvement from individuals to specialty.
  4. In Hartford, we consider our colleagues as our families and friends.
  5. In Hartford, we really enjoy our work.

Hartford's 10 Core Values

  1. Deliver WOW Through Service.
  2. Be full of passion about people,machine and specialty.
  3. Chasing growth,continues learning.
  4. Embrace change,drive change.
  5. Thinking,innovating and breaking through every day.
  6. Inspire ourselves to race against time.
  7. Hero is the person who successfully opens up a new market.
  8. Build a positive team with family concept.
  9. Protect and maintain Hartford's pride and glory.
  10. Leading company with ideal, value and corporate culture, and building a self-motivated organization