3 levels of automation increase your cutting efficiency

1. Entry level

  1. Entry level for loading and un-loading.
  2. Single multi machines integration.
  3. Lower cost for automation.
  4. Increase production 30%.
  5. Industry: Die & mold, shipbuilding and energy.
  6. Available with vertical machining center.

2. Luxurious level-Metal tray storage house

  1. Workpiece fixed by CCD to make sure the machining angle and accuracy.
  2. Metal tray storage house provides enough space.
  3. Combine more than one automation machine with other equipment.
  4. Increase production 40%.
  5. Industry: Aerospace, medical and automotive.
  6. Available with VMC, DCM, 5-axis, horizontal machining center.

3. Ultimate edition-Achieve industry 4.0

  1. Automation with MES system from order to machining.
  2. Big data presents with central control system and cloud server.
  3. Auto. tool detection and tool magazine exchanger.
  4. Increase production 68%.
  5. Industry: Aerospace, automotive.
  6. Available with VMC and 5-axis machining center.