Innovation and Technique
Hartrol Premium
All new interface, new version

All New interface just like your automobile dashboard, provides you intelligent monitor that gives you directly information, in addition to enhance machining efficiency and it’s simple as using a smart phone.

Only 6th in the world & Taiwan only
AI Technology Function
Auto Pilot(TESLA LEVEL2)
Goal: We offer machining package for customer.
Advantage: Enhance customer machining efficiency.
2.5D HartCAM
Goal: Operator can efficiently generate machining program and inteligent file transfer.
Advantage: Convenience, enhance machining efficiency.
Remote warm-up/Turn-on
Remote to warm up your machine before working to minimize machine standby.
Allow you to monitor and operate using remote control, time saving.
HCP - Hartrol Conversational Program
Goal: Refers to graphics are used during conversational program when configuration or shapes of workpiece for machining.
Advantage: Enhance machining efficiency, minimize the time for programming.
Whole Machine Thermal Compensation
Goal: Accuracy can still be satisfy without constant temperature room.
Advantage: Accuracy increase up to 66%
Load Setting Navi
Goal: Acceleration ability varies based on different workpiece weight.
Advantage: Eliminate vibration, improve accuracy, reduce circle quadrant error.
Workpiece Measurement Data Output(Reporter)
Goal: Measurement data can be output directly, to save the time from handwriting.
Advantage: Enhance efficiency, prevent the mistake from handwriting.
Leading Machines

C1 Standard Ballscrews
Advantage: Equal to Japanese brand standard
6 Major Machines
5-axis Mahcines
Self Made Key Components